NOTE: This is meant to be a comprehensive list of agencies that provide mental health services in Juneau, not an endorsement from the Juneau Suicide Prevention Coalition. This page provides information on various community agencies providing mental health services in Juneau. The vast majority will bill your insurance agency and a select few will bill Medicaid or Denali Kid Care. The agencies are listed by the population they serve and then in alphabetical order.

Child and Family Service – A Division of Catholic Community Service

Description: Child Care and Family Resources (CCFR) provides leadership in developing, maintaining and advocating for services that keep children safe and strengthen and enhance the health, harmony and self-sufficiency of families. Most CCFR services are provided in a “wall-less agency,” not in a traditional office setting. Services are provided in the home and community, wherever families are.

Child Care Assistance Program – aids low to medium income families with the cost of child care as they work or participate in approved education or training programs. The goal of the program is to ensure that safe, healthy, quality child care is affordable and accessible to all of Alaska’s children and families.

S.A.F.E. Child Advocacy Center – is designed to be a safe, culturally sensitive, child-friendly environment where children and non-offending parents are interviewed and receive services in cases of sexual and physical abuse.

Location: 419 6th St. Juneau, AK 99801
Contact: (907) 463-6100
For the most current information, visit their website at:,childcarefamilyresources
(Updated 01/16)

Juneau School District School Psychologists and Counselors

Description: The Juneau School District Student Services Department has five psychologists who assist with evaluation and screening of students who may need special services. You may also contact your child’s school counselor(s) for mental health support and resources. The Student Services Department is implementing the “Signs of Suicide (SOS)” Program, which provides mental health awareness and promotes suicide prevention as well as screen for mental health concerns. The program also helps families access appropriate treatment resources as needed. For more information on the SOS Program go to the “SOS High School Curriculum” tab on the left side of the Juneau Suicide Prevention home page
Location: Juneau Schools
Hours: School Hours
Contact: To contact our psychologists call the Student Services Office at 780-2069
For the most current information, visit their website at: 
(Updated 5/2013)

University of Alaska Southeast Counseling Services

Location: UAS Campus – Mourant Building 115, 111120 Glacier Hwy., Juneau, AK 99801
Phone: (907) 796-6000
Serves: Students registered for a UAS class.
(Updated 01/16)

Juneau Youth Services

Description: Juneau Youth Services began operations in 1961. They provide a full array of emergency, assessment/out-patient, school-based and residential services for children and youth ages 3 through 21, who have mental health and/or substance use issues. A summary of their services is provided below:

Cornerstone Emergency and Transition Services

  • Cornerstone Shelter (789-7654)
    • Overnight shelter for youth ages 10 to 19 who need a time out or safe place to stay.
    • Skill development and therapy services.
  • Transitional Living Program (523-6688)
    • Transitional living apartments for youth ages 16 to 21.
    • Skill development and therapy.

Assessment and Outpatient Programs (789-4733)

  • Assessment Center Services
    • Comprehensive assessments addressing mental health and substance abuse.
    • Psychiatric assessments and medication management.
  • Chemical Dependency Program
    • Outpatient counseling services for youth with alcohol and drug use problems
  • Family Outpatient Program
    • Individual and family therapy for youth with mental health concerns.

School-based Services (789-4733)

  • In-class support as well as before/after-school skill development and therapy services.
  • Services available in all Juneau elementary and middle schools as well as Head Start classrooms.
  • Walk-in counseling available to high school students through the Teen Health Center.

Long-term Residential Programs (789-4733)

  • Miller House
    • 15 bed, co-ed program for youth ages 12 to 18 with behavioral and/or substance use problems.
  • Lighthouse
    • 6 bed program for girls ages 12 to 18 with behavioral health problems.
  • Wallington House
    • 6 bed program for boys ages 12 to 19 with sexually acting out behaviors.
  • Montana Creek
    • 15 bed co-ed program for youth ages 12 to 18 with both behavioral health and substance use programs.

Location: Administration Building at 2075 Jordan Avenue (next to Lyle’s Furniture)
Contact: (907) 789-7610
For the most current information, visit their website at:
(Updated 01/16)

National Alliance On Mental Illness (NAMI) -Juneau (All Ages)

Description: Advocacy, education, support, and referral. In addition, NAMI-Juneau provides advice to individuals and families who want help navigating the system, or general support in dealing with a mental illness issue.
Location: 3406 Glacier Highway, Juneau AK 99801
Address: 9000 Glacier Highway, Suite 201, Juneau, AK
Contact: Dov Gartenberg, Executive Director
Phone: (907) 463-4251
Fax: (907) 500-9914
For the most current information, visit their website at:
(Updated 7/2013)