Parenting can be a very rewarding, yet humbling experience, due to the many challenges parents face as their children develop from infancy to adolescents. Each developmental stage presents unique challenges and skills to effectively meet the needs of your children. At some point, all parents have experienced frustration and confusion over how to effectively discipline their children. We want to let our children to know and feel they live in warm, nurturing, supportive homes, where communication is open, yet we must be the ones who draw the line, set limits and impose appropriate consequences. This is all easier said then done, especially raising children in today’s world. Research indicates there are three main types of parenting styles. Your parenting style in turn impacts your child’s development. These three styles include; authoritative, permissive and authoritarian.

Authoritative Parents: authoritative parents enforce rules with good reasons and explain things to their child. This enables the child to grow up to become a responsible adult. Children need to understand why they can and cannot do certain things and that there will be consequences to their behavior. Parents who can do this on a consistent basis, in a calm matter of fact way, are providing their children with a stable environment that is predictable, reasonable and safe. Children who grow up with authoritative parents tend to be more secure, independent and content. This is the parenting style we all want to adhere to.

Permissive Parents: Parents who don’t establish authority, lack solid rules and allow their child to do whatever he or she wants, will typically have a child who knows very little about boundaries and may be difficult to deal with as he or she grows up. These children do not feel secure in their home as they are not having clear safe boundries set out for them. Children are too young to make many decisions for themselves, as they do not yet have the life experiences or maturity to do so. These children tend to grow up to be anxious.

Authoritarian Parents: Authoritarian parents are parents who are rigid, controlling, with too many rules. These parents tend to take on a more authoritarian role and give their child little explanation or reasoning behind their rules. Children in this situation will often break rules they don’t understand and grow up to become rigid and rule-oriented. Also, living in an authoritarian home can make a child angry, which can lead to aggressive behavior.

Research suggests parents feel their jobs are becoming more difficult as a result of the increased economic demands placed on families, as well as the negative influencing factors found in today’s fast paced media driven, technological society. In order to get help with your parenting practices please visit the following sites for tips and advice.

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