Mental Health Issues

Hospice and Home Care of Juneau - A Program of Catholic Community Service

Description: Hospice and Home Care of Juneau (HHCJ) is a division of Catholic Community Service. When referred by a physician, patients can receive a variety of health care services at home through HHCJ.

Home Health — qualified home health patients are homebound, often recovering from surgery, injury, cardiac problems or stroke in their own home. An interdisciplinary team provides services including nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and medical social work, in conjunction with personal care, when needed, delivered by Certified Nurse Aides.

Hospice – care and support for patients at end-of-life, provided in their own home. Hospice provides medical services (pain management and symptom control), emotional support, and spiritual resources for people who are in the last stages of a terminal illness, with the goal of keeping the patient comfortable and improving their quality of life. Hospice care also helps family members and/or caregivers manage the practical details and emotional challenges of caring for a dying loved one. Services provided regardless of ability to pay.

Grief & Bereavement Support – bereavement support for individuals, families and communities coping with the effect of a life-limiting illness, death and grief, including grief counseling, support groups, and remembrance gatherings.

Location: 1803 Glacier Highway, Juneau, AK 99801
Contact: (907) 463-6111
For the most current information, visit their website at:–home-care-of-juneau.html (Updated 8/19)

JAMHI Health and Wellness

Description: JAMHI Health & Wellness is the state-designated Community Behavioral Health Center in Juneau and has been providing services since 1985. Adults 18 and older seeking wellness and recovery from mental illness, substance use and other disorders impacting quality of life are served. We help people live their own best lives.

Outpatient Mental Health Services: Assessments (Behavioral health or substance use only) are available on a same day, walk-in basis Monday- Thursday, 8:00-1:00 pm. Persons served work in partnership with clinicians to develop the most personalized and effective plan for each individual, with the goal of recovery and optimum life functioning. We consider each individual’s overall health and well-being and coordinate services with primary care and other professionals when reasonable and possible. Individual and Group Therapy using nationally recognized Best Practices helps persons served to develop skills and plans for symptom management, healthy living, and greater independence. JAMHI Outpatient Services are available through Tele-behavioral Health connectivity in Elfin Cove and Tenakee Springs for veterans and other residents.

Psychiatric and Nursing services offer client education and symptom management are supported through pharmacological management, screening for side-effects, and emergency services.  Psychiatric services are now provided at our Midtown Clinic at 1944 Allen Court.

Emergency Mental Health Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide immediate screening and crisis intervention for individuals experiencing a psychiatric emergency or mental health crisis. Professional counselors identify the least restrictive method to meet each person’s clinical and safety needs. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, you are encouraged to contact JAMHI at 463-3303 or go to Bartlett Regional Hospital Emergency Department.

Community based mental health rehabilitation services are provided to adults with serious mental illness and/or co-occurring disorders. Assistance is provided in developing and strengthening social, behavioral, and cognitive skills through individual supports and group activities, all designed to help manage symptoms and enjoy great independence in the community. As a part of this service array, we also offer a wide variety of wellness activities to help a client learn to live their own best life through good nutritional practices, increased physical activity, and positive social interactions.

Residential Services – JAMHI offers a continuum of housing for approximately 50 adults with serious mental illness.  This includes highly structured supervised Group Homes; Supported Living apartments, and independent living. Clinical services support the goals of recovery and independence. Group Home residents are provided daily skill building activities, nutritious meals, social/recreational outings, all in a homelike setting.

Primary Care – At our Midtown Clinic (1944 Allen Court), we offer primary care services for virtually anyone!  Children and adults are welcome to receive their primary care at our Midtown Clinic.  Adults who are also receiving JAMHI behavioral health services with us find that having their medical and psychiatric care with one agency is easier for them and they get a better experience with an integrated provider.

Location: Salmon Creek Location: 3406 Glacier Highway, Juneau, AK 99801 and Midtown Clinic location: 1944 Allen Court, Juneau, AK 99801
Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week (After normal business hours you may get an answering service that will call our On-call Clinician to help you).
Contact: (907) 463-3303 or Toll Free: 1-855-463-3303; TTY: (907) 463-6846 for Salmon Creek.  (907) 463-6882 for Midtown Clinic
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Juneau Youth Services

Description: Juneau Youth Services began operations in 1961. They provide a full array of emergency, assessment/out-patient, school-based and residential services for children and youth ages 3 through 21, who have mental health and/or substance use issues. A summary of their services is provided below:

Cornerstone Emergency and Transition Services

  • Cornerstone Shelter (789-7654)
    • Overnight shelter for youth ages 10 to 19 who need a time out or safe place to stay.
    • Skill development and therapy services.
  • Transitional Living Program (523-6688)
    • Transitional living apartments for youth ages 16 to 21.
    • Skill development and therapy.

Assessment and Outpatient Programs (789-4733)

  • Assessment Center Services
    • Comprehensive assessments addressing mental health and substance abuse.
    • Psychiatric assessments and medication management.
  • Substance Use Program
    • Outpatient counseling services for youth with alcohol and drug use problems
  • Family Outpatient Program
    • Individual and family therapy for youth with mental health concerns.

School-based Services

  • In-class support as well as before/after-school skill development and therapy services.
  • Services available in most elementary and middle schools.
  • Walk-in counseling available to high school students through the Teen Health Center.

Long-term Residential Programs

  • Montana Creek
    • 15 bed program for boys ages 12 to 18 with behavioral and/or substance use problems.
  • Lighthouse
    • 15 bed program for girls ages 12 to 18 with behavioral and/or substance use problems.
Location: Administration Building at 2075 Jordan Avenue (next to Lyle’s Furniture)
Contact: (907) 789-7610
For the most current information, visit their website at: (Updated 6/19)

Mental Health Unit – A Program of Bartlett Regional Hospital

Description: Bartlett Regional Hospital provides inpatient and outpatient mental health services. Our twelve-bed inpatient Mental Health Unit provides treatment for a wide range of hospitalized patients as well as medically monitored detoxification from alcohol and drugs. Bartlett Regional Hospital also provides outpatient mental health services at Bartlett Outpatient Psychiatric Services (“BOPS”) located at 3240 Hospital Dr., just behind the main hospital building. The Hospital Psychiatrists are specialists in psychopharmacology, able to prescribe medication as needed, and well versed in diagnostic clarification and medication management. They treat any of the diagnoses present in the DSM IV, the diagnostic manual for mental health issues.
Assessment: There are assessments done at the Outpatient clinic. Assessments for detox are done in the Emergency Dept.; for Mental Health, assessments are done by JAMHI Emergency Services clinicians. Inpatient services on the MHU are well coordinated with patients’ physical and emotional needs fully taken into account.
Treatment: At Bartlett, treatment is individualized based on the specific needs of each person. We take a holistic, treatment team based approach toward all patients on the inpatient unit. Outpatient psychiatric services often collaborate with other professionals involved with a patient’s treatment (counselors, physicians, etc.). All ages are treated through the Outpatient Services (BOPS); the inpatient unit is for adults, but can make special consideration for adolescents to be safe until other arrangements can be made.
Group Therapy: This is an approach to treatment in the therapeutic community milieu of an inpatient mental health unit. Typically, these are psychoeducational presentations with group discussion, which informs and provides strategies for healthy living outside the unit. Appropriately trained unit staff lead the groups.
Location: 3260 Hospital Dr. Juneau, AK 99801
Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week
Contact: (907) 796-8430
For the most current information, visit their website
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Polaris House


Polaris House is a clubhouse community dedicated to recovery from mental illness. Located in Juneau, Alaska, Polaris House has over four hundred members. Staff and members work side by side to operate the clubhouse as a business, helping members step into autonomy and recovery.

Members participate in programs such as supported housing and transitional employment. Clubhouse membership is free, and open to anyone with a diagnosis of mental illness. Polaris House adheres to the 37 Standards of Operation laid out by Clubhouse International, Inc.

Mission: Polaris House is an environment of mutual support dedicated to the development of the self-confidence necessary to live, learn and work within a community of the members choice.
Location: 434 Willoughby Ave – Juneau, AK 99801

Business Hours:

Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays 8:00AM – 4:00 PM

Tuesday and Friday 8:00 AM- 6PM

Weekend activity hours:

Saturday’s 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Sunday’s 11:00 AM – 3 PM

Contact: (907) 780-6775
For the most current information, visit their website at:
(Updated 8/19)

Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC) (Primarily Native Americans)

Description: SEARHC Behavioral Health Services offers a wide range of behavioral health services with psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and behavioral health therapists on staff.
Behavioral health services include:

  • Children’s services
  • Individual, couples, and family therapy
  • Psychiatric assessments and medication management
  • Tele-behavioral health outreach services to outlying communities
  • Individual treatment for psychological trauma
  • Neurodevelopmental assessment and treatment for individuals with fetal alcohol conditions, autistic spectrum disorders, and speech/language or occupational therapy conditions that affect development
  • Residential substance abuse treatment programs
  • Substance abuse counseling and prevention services
  • Behavioral health counseling and prevention services

Location: 1046 Salmon Creek Lane, Juneau AK 99801
Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
Contact: (907) 364-4445
For the most current information, visit their website at:
(Updated 06/19)

Southeast Senior Services - A Program of Catholic Community Service

Description: Southeast Senior Services is a division of Catholic Community Service. Southeast Senior Services offers a range of Home and Community-Based (HCB) services designed to promote the health, safety and independence of senior citizens:

  • Senior Centers provide a wide range of programs and activities for adults 60 years and older including congregate meals, transportation, activities and education programs, along with access to case management. Senior centers in: Juneau, Yakutat, Haines, Skagway, Hoonah, Angoon, Sitka, Wrangell, Kake, Craig/Klawock, and Ketchikan
  • Congregate Meals — Nutritious Meals at the Senior Centers for persons age 60 and older
  • Meals on Wheels – home delivered meals for homebound seniors recovering from surgery or illness, or who are homebound due to health or disability in communities with Senior Centers
  • Transportation Services providing door-to-door accessible transportation for seniors and persons with disabilities in communities with Senior Centers
  • Case Management and Service Coordination to assess senior’s needs, determine eligibility for programs and benefits, and secure and monitor services in the home and community to help seniors living independently
  • Health Promotion Activities including tai chi classes, blood pressure checks, flu shots, health fairs and support groups
  • Adult Day Program (The Bridge), providing a safe and therapeutic setting for seniors with special needs including Alzheimer’s and other dementias located in Juneau
  • Gatekeeper Program to identify isolated seniors and connect them with critical senior services
  • In-Home Counseling for seniors and their family members
  • Senior and Caregiver Resource Center for older Alaskans and their caregivers providing information and help to access services, and support through the process

Location: 419 6th Street Juneau, AK 99801
Contact: (907) 463-6192
For the most current information, visit their website at:
(Updated 08/19)