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Using the Five Senses for Anxiety Relief

Anxiety is a disease that bites many. Anxiety doesn’t discriminate against age, sex, religion, race, or any other related demographics. It affects people differently and manifests in different ways. It can affect our thoughts, emotions, and even physical health if we let it get out of control.

Everyone might deal with fright or worry from time to time, but take it up another notch and anxiety will override any of those milder forms. Anxiety is nothing to be afraid of because it can be mastered with the right tools. The following is a list of tricks on how to use your five senses to calm and overcome your anxiety. Perhaps one sense helps more than the rest. Read More…

The Loneliness of First Year College Students

In Sunday’s New York Times, columnist Frank Bruni alerts readers to a plight of many first (and I would add 2nd and 3rd and 4th) year college students: loneliness. I’d also include graduate students and some adults in this same grouping.

Bruni makes a point that is often ignored: adjustment to college is not all that easy for students: they are away from home and away from the familiar. While opportunity abounds, that does not mean students (whatever their stage or age) are completely comfortable and at ease in their new surroundings. Read More…

Suicide Prevention in College: A Valuable Resource Guide on Emergency Assistance, Warning Signs & Prevention of Suicide in College Students

Suicide is a complex public health issue with several causes, including psychiatric illnesses that may have not been recognized or treated. Substance abuse and mental disorders account for approximately 90 percent of those who have died by suicide, but these illnesses are treatable and people suffering from them do get better. Many treatment options are available, and there have been several recent advances in treating and understanding suicide. This guide was designed to offer hope and help for those who are experiencing suicidal thoughts, as well as the friends and family who want so badly to help them. Read More…

Health care officials pitch transformative mental health, addiction treatment reforms

Medicaid is one of the biggest drivers of Alaska’s state spending.

At the same time, Alaska has the nation’s highest suicide rate and a growing problem with opioid addiction.

State leaders believe they can lower the long-term growth in Medicaid costs and make Alaskans healthier mentally and physically. They plan to do that by better coordinating  behavioral health care — the treatment of mental health and addiction.

At a recent Senate Medicaid Reform Subcommittee hearing, Health Commissioner Valerie Davidson said it will be a challenge. READ MORE…