List of Private Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Therapists in Juneau

NOTE: This is meant to be a comprehensive list of private providers in the Juneau community, not an endorsement from the Juneau Suicide Prevention Coalition.
This page provides a list of Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Therapists in Juneau who are licensed by the state of Alaska to provide mental health services. The vast majority will bill your insurance company and a select few will bill Medicaid or Denali Kid Care. Only Psychiatrists can prescribe medication as they are also medical doctors. Psychologists and Therapists cannot prescribe medication. All Psychologists are at doctorate level and can conduct evaluations as well as provide a multitude of therapeutic services for adults, families, couples and children. Therapists are licensed by the State of Alaska and have varying degrees of training and specialty areas. Please refer to the provider’s description of service and to the key at the bottom of this page for an explanation of credentials. All providers are listed in alphabetical order.