Juneau Community Resources

AEYC (Association for the Education of Young Children)

AEYC’s Mission: “With a cohesive voice, our membership encourages excellence through leadership, advocacy and education, for the needs and rights of all young children in our communities.”
Website: http://www.aeyc-sea.org/
Email: info@aeyc-sea.org
Location: 3100 Channel Dr., Suite 215, (Juneau Empire Building, floor 2N)
Phone: (907) 789-1235

AWARE - Aiding Women in Abuse and Rape Emergencies

Description: AWARE’s mission is to provide safe shelter and support services for survivors of domestic or sexual violence, and to affect the social, political, and legal changes needed to eliminate oppression, gender violence and violence against women and children. AWARE provides comprehensive services: 24/7 crisis/question line and response, safe shelter for survivors of all genders and their children; transportation to the shelter (airfare, ferry fare for the communities serviced by AWARE, and safe rides for Juneau residents); advocacy – compassionate, knowledgeable support, and education for women as well as advocacy, education, and counseling for children. AWARE also provides information about rights and options regarding housing, employment, childcare, civil legal remediesservices for domestic violence offenders, Public Assistance, family or individual counseling, personal safety education. AWARE provides community education on domestic violence and sexual assault and coordinates the Juneau Choice and Accountability Program for men who abuse power and control in their relationships or for men who want to learn more about privilege and oppression.We also oversee Haa Tooch Licheesh (We Believe It Is Possible), a community coalition working to prevent the violence that is 100% preventable, and implement strategies to prevent future violence.
Location: P.O. Box 20809, Juneau AK 99802-0809 (1547 Old Glacier Hwy)
Hours: 24 hours/day
Contact: (907) 586-6623, 1-800-478-1090 (Toll Free), (907) 586-4902 (prevention) 
For the most current information, visit their website at: www.awareak.org
(Updated 06/19)

Bartlett Regional Hospital

About: Bartlett Regional Hospital’s mission is to provide its community with quality, patient-centered care in a sustainable manner.
Address: 3260 Hospital Drive, Juneau, AK 99801
Phone: (907) 796-8900

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Alaska connects youth experiencing adversity with caring adult mentors. Youth in our program are more confident, safe, and engaged at school. Together, we empower children to realize their potential and we defend that potential. We partner with parents/guardians, volunteers (Bigs), and the community to hold ourselves accountable for each child (Little) in our program achieving higher aspirations, greater confidence, better relationships, avoidance of risky behaviors, and educational success.
Core Programs
In each of our programs below, matches meet and participate in fun activities together, building a trusting mentoring relationship.
Community-Based Mentoring: Adult mentors are matched with youth ages 6-18 with a commitment to meet 2-4 times/month for at least one year.
Site-Based Mentoring: Adult or high-school mentors meet at schools once/week during lunch or recess for at least one school year.
Alaska Native Mentoring: Designed to encourage and recruit Alaska Native Bigs and Littles.
Sync: Designed to match youth ages 14-21 in or aging out of foster care with a supportive and caring adult mentor.
Getting Involved
When we make the “match” with the Big and Little, we consider location, personalities, and preferences and then we provide full support throughout the life of the match so they can grow into lasting relationships.
Interested in being a Big? We’re always looking for community members to become Bigs (volunteer mentors). All of our Bigs go through an enrollment process where they complete an application, attend an in-person interview, and receive background check and reference check screening.
Interested in enrolling your child? To enroll as a Little (child) in our program, we do an application and an in-person interview.
Interested in investing in potential? We also partner with community members and organizations to provide activities for our matches and we rely on the support of our community to continue to make matches and support them. If you are interested in being a proud supporter of your local Big Brothers Big Sisters, we would love to hear from you!

Location: 110 Seward Street – #2, Juneau, AK 99801
Email: kristina.jager@bbbsak.org
Contact: (907) 586-3350
For the most current information, visit their website at: www.bigbrothersbigsistersalaska.org
(Updated 08/19)

Catholic Community Services of Juneau

About: Catholic Community Service (CCS) is a comprehensive, mission-driven social service agency dedicated to reaching out to persons and families in need throughout Southeast Alaska. Our desire to serve others is at the heart of our mission and is rooted in Catholic Social Teachings. CCS provides an array of quality services ranging from children and families, seniors and adults with disabilities, and to people who need in-home care and/or end-of-life palliative care. CCS provides services in three main areas:
1.) Seniors and adults with disabilities
2.) Children and families
3.) Hospice and Home Care
Website: http://www.ccsjuneau.org
Phone: (907) 463-6111

Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska (Central Council)

About: Tlingit & Haida is a tribal government representing over 30,000 Tlingit and Haida Indians worldwide. Tlingit & Haida is a sovereign entity and has a government to government relationship with the United States.

Tlingit & Haida’s headquarters are in Juneau, Alaska but our commitment to serving the Tlingit and Haida people extends throughout the United States

Tlingit & Haida offers a variety of family-centered services focused on promoting and supporting safe and stable families. These services assist individuals in attaining the education and skills necessary to support healthy lifestyles, develop meaningful careers and engage in the traditional activities of their communities.

Services include information and referral, case management, financial assistance, foster and child care, training, vocational rehabilitation, reentry & recovery, nutrition and other supportive services. The programs are designed to address immediate and long term needs associated with family well-being and financial self-sufficiency.

Services are provided in collaboration with tribes and key state, local, faith-based and private agency partners. The programs are supported jointly, through contracts and agreements with private, local, state and federally funded agencies, with the majority of resources generated from federal grants.

Website: http://www.ccthita-nsn.gov
Phone: (907) 586-1432 (Updated 8/19)

Denali KidCare - Alaska's Children's Health Insurance Program

About: DenaliKidCare is a State of Alaska program designed to ensure that children and teens of both working and non-working families can have the health insurance they need. Denali KidCare provides excellent health insurance coverage for children and teens through age 18, and for pregnant women who meet income guidelines.
Website: http://dhss.alaska.gov/dhcs/Pages/denalikidcare/default.aspx
Phone: 1-888-318-8890

Gastineau Human Services

About: Gastineau Human Services is a private non-profit behavioral health agency in Juneau, Alaska dedicated to providing the socially stigmatized of Southeast Alaska opportunities to gain the skills and lifestyles necessary to better themselves and their community. Our programs are built on the belief that each individual is responsible for his or her own behavior and that all persons are deserving of equal opportunity. Each human being, regardless of present condition and inherited characteristics, has the potential for positive change. GHS provides services in the following areas:
1.) Behavioral Health Services
2.) Transitional Housing
3.) Community Corrections
Website: http://www.ghscorp.org/
Email: info@ghscorp.org
(907) 780-4338

JAMHI Health and Wellness

Description: JAMHI Health & Wellness is the state-designated Community Behavioral Health Center in Juneau and has been providing services since 1985. Adults 18 and older seeking wellness and recovery from mental illness, substance use and other disorders impacting quality of life are served. We help people live their own best lives.

Outpatient Mental Health Services: Assessments (Behavioral health or substance use only) are available on a same day, walk-in basis Monday- Thursday, 8:00-1:00 pm. Persons served work in partnership with clinicians to develop the most personalized and effective plan for each individual, with the goal of recovery and optimum life functioning. We consider each individual’s overall health and well-being and coordinate services with primary care and other professionals when reasonable and possible. Individual and Group Therapy using nationally recognized Best Practices helps persons served to develop skills and plans for symptom management, healthy living, and greater independence. JAMHI Outpatient Services are available through Tele-behavioral Health connectivity in Elfin Cove and Tenakee Springs for veterans and other residents.

Psychiatric and Nursing services offer client education and symptom management are supported through pharmacological management, screening for side-effects, and emergency services.  Psychiatric services are now provided at our Midtown Clinic at 1944 Allen Court.

Emergency Mental Health Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide immediate screening and crisis intervention for individuals experiencing a psychiatric emergency or mental health crisis. Professional counselors identify the least restrictive method to meet each person’s clinical and safety needs. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, you are encouraged to contact JAMHI at 463-3303 or go to Bartlett Regional Hospital Emergency Department.

Community based mental health rehabilitation services are provided to adults with serious mental illness and/or co-occurring disorders. Assistance is provided in developing and strengthening social, behavioral, and cognitive skills through individual supports and group activities, all designed to help manage symptoms and enjoy great independence in the community. As a part of this service array, we also offer a wide variety of wellness activities to help a client learn to live their own best life through good nutritional practices, increased physical activity, and positive social interactions.

Residential Services – JAMHI offers a continuum of housing for approximately 50 adults with serious mental illness.  This includes highly structured supervised Group Homes; Supported Living apartments, and independent living. Clinical services support the goals of recovery and independence. Group Home residents are provided daily skill building activities, nutritious meals, social/recreational outings, all in a homelike setting.

Primary Care – At our Midtown Clinic (1944 Allen Court), we offer primary care services for virtually anyone!  Children and adults are welcome to receive their primary care at our Midtown Clinic.  Adults who are also receiving JAMHI behavioral health services with us find that having their medical and psychiatric care with one agency is easier for them and they get a better experience with an integrated provider.

Location: Salmon Creek Location: 3406 Glacier Highway, Juneau, AK 99801 and Midtown Clinic location: 1944 Allen Court, Juneau, AK 99801
Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week (After normal business hours you may get an answering service that will call our On-call Clinician to help you).
Email: info@jamhi.org
Contact: (907) 463-3303 or Toll Free: 1-855-463-3303; TTY: (907) 463-6846 for Salmon Creek.  (907) 463-6882 for Midtown Clinic
For the most current information, visit their website at: www.jamhihealthandwellness.org
(Updated 8/19)

Juneau Parks and Recreation

About: Juneau Parks and Recreation’s mission statement is to enhance the quality of life in Juneau, the Parks and Recreation Department will deliver a high level of guest service with cost effective operations provided by highly engaged employees. Some of the parks and recreation’s programs/facilities include: Adult and Youth Sports, Augustus Brown Swimming Pool and the Diamond Park Aquatic Center, Jensen-Olsen Arboretum, Treadwell Ice Arena.
Website: http://www.juneau.org/parkrec/
Phone: (907) 586-5226

Juneau School District

About: Juneau School District’s mission: In Juneau we are all partners in providing each student with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to be a contributing citizen in a changing world.
Website: http://www.juneauschools.org/
Phone: (907) 523-1772

Juneau Youth Services

About: Juneau Youth Services (JYS) is a comprehensive behavioral health provider for children and youth, and their families. JYS offers services in the following areas: Assessments, Treatment Foster Care, Chemical Dependency, Residential and Family Outpatient Programs, School Based Services.
Contact: (907) 789-7610
For the most current information, visit their website at: www.jys.org

Love In the Name of Christ - (Love INC)

Love In the Name of Christ Juneau is a network of caring volunteers from local Christian churches committed to helping individuals and families with spiritual, physical, and emotional needs.

  • Our clearinghouse processes requests for assistance, clarifies and verifies needs, informs clients of available resources options, and develops a plan for assistance and follow-up.
  • Maintains a resource database of all charitable church and social services in the Juneau area.
  • Works with our 23 partner churches to match willing church helpers and resources to corresponding needs, allowing church members opportunities to show that they “love their neighbors as themselves” through support, education, and encouragement. We invite and encourage you to contact us whether you are struggling to make ends meet or simply need someone to pray with you.

Location: Love INC, PO Box 35432, Juneau, AK 99803
Hours: MWF 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Contact: (907) 780-4090
For the most current information, visit their website at: www.LoveINCJuneau.org

(Updated 8/19)

National Alliance of Mental Illness - (NAMI)

Description: NAMI Juneau is a grassroots mental health organization providing classes and ongoing support groups to help inform, empower, and support individuals experiencing a mental health condition and their loved ones.

Multi-session classes, community forums, support group meetings, and referrals to mental health services & supports are offered free of charge. NAMI Juneau staff and volunteers are available for presentations including mental health literacy presentations for youth ages 14+. 

Location: 9000 Glacier Highway, Suite 201, Juneau, AK
Address: 9000 Glacier Highway, Suite 201, Juneau, AK
Email: NAMIJuneau@gmail.com 
Contact: Crystal Bourland, Executive Director
Phone: (907) 463-4251
Fax: (907) 500-9914
For the most current information, visit their website at: www.namijuneau.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/namijuneaualaska/

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence - (NCADD)

About: National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence is wheelchair accessible via an elevator located in the basement.  Please let us know in advance if you need assistance accessing our building.  National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence is dedicated to providing accessible services to everybody.  Please contact us and let us know how we can accommodate you.

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Juneau Affiliate (NCADDJ), a 501(c)(3) private nonprofit voluntary health organization, has been providing alcohol and other drug education, prevention, intervention, and outreach services since first incorporating in 1965, and outpatient treatment services beginning in 2012.  Our mission statement is “to provide education, information, help and hope in the fight against alcoholism and other drug addictions.”  
Email: kchapman@ncaddjuneau.org
(907) 463-3755 (also a 24 crisis intervention hotline)
Location: 211 4th Street #100, Juneau, Alaska 99801 


About: REACH offers programs that provide housing, independent living, respite for caregivers, grants, job coaching and skill development, employment, developmental screenings and assessments, education, information and referrals to children and adults with developmental delays or disabilities throughout the northern part of Southeast Alaska. REACH has offices in: Haines and staff in Petersburg. From these locations, services are available to residents of Skagway, Hoonah, Wrangell, Yakutat, and other communities.
Website: http://www.reachak.org
(907) 586-8228
Fax: (907) 586-8226
Location: 213 Third Street Juneau, AK 99801

Southeast Alaska Independent Living - (SAIL)

About: SAIL’s seeks to inspire personal independence. SAIL empowers elders and people with disabilities by providing services and information to support them in making choices that will positively affect their independence and productivity in society.

ORCA (Outdoor Recreation and Community Access) is the adaptive sports and recreation program of SAIL. Our purpose is to promote inclusive recreation and adaptive outdoor pursuits for Southeast Alaskan’s who experience disabilities. We maintain three offices–one in Juneau, one in Ketchikan and one in Sitka. Services include community access and inclusion opportunities, an adaptive ski and snowboard school, youth and transition recreation services, adaptive outdoor pursuits, adaptive equipment for loan, classes and courses, and multi-day domestic and international trips.

Website: http://www.sailinc.org
Email: info@sailinc.org 
SAIL Phone: 
(907) 586-4920
Toll Free Phone: 1-800-478-SAIL (1-800-478-7245)
ORCA Phone: (907) 586-0104
Location: 3225 Hospital Drive, Suite 300, Juneau, AK 99801

Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium - (SEARHC)

About: SEARHC is a non-profit tribal health consortium of 18 Native communities which serves the health interests of the Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian, and other Native people of Southeast Alaska. We are one of the oldest and largest Native-run health organizations in the nation. SEARHC provides comprehensive behavioral and primary health care services. SEARHC offers services in the following community: Angoon, Craig, Haines, Hoonah, Hydaburg, Juneau, Kake, Kasaan. Klawock, Klukwan, Pelican, Petersburg, Sitka, Skagway, Thorne Bay, Wrangell, and Yakutat.
Website: http://www.searhc.org/
Phone: (907) 463-4000

Zach Gordon Youth Center

Description: Zach Gordon Youth Center is an inclusive space serving youth of all ages, with special evening hours for teens only after 6:00pm. The center is free for youth to drop in and offers daily healthy meals and activities as well as supportive and caring staff to help with challenges or celebrate successes. Services are available to connect youth to needed services such as food security, housing, healthcare, employment, and more. The center also offers free afterschool programming at Floyd Dryden and Dzantik’i Heeni middle schools, runs the Youth Employment in Parks program in the summer months as well as summer camps for younger youth, and manages Youth Sports.

Mission: Connecting Youth * Engaging Community

Values: Wellness * Connection * Growth

Location: Off Whittier Ave. – Opposite Centennial Hall
Hours: See Website
Contact: (907) 586-2635
For the most current information, visit their website at: cbjkids.org

(Updated 8/19)